Arabic-speaking customer service agents needed in Lisbon, Portugal

This vacancy has expired

Start your career adventure as a Customer Service Representative in sunny Lisbon! You'll have the opportunity to work with clients of major global players such as Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Pinterest, and more. Excited? Discover more about the position below and apply now!


Included, room in a shared apartment



Plane ticket costs refunded


Administration help

Help with registration, taxes & setting up a bank account


Have you ever dreamt of working in an old, beautiful city close to the sea with sunny weather throughout most of the year? Do you like the idea of working for a big company with an impact on the worldwide business? So why not start your new job as a Customer Service Representative in marvellous Lisbon? Apply now and live the best life while working in Portugal!

Customer Service Support for advertisers on leading social media platforms

In the role of Advertisers Support, you’ll assist advertisers from prominent social media platforms. Advertisers and agencies will contact you for post-sales assistance and troubleshooting. Your main goal is to improve advertiser satisfaction by resolving technical issues, reporting bugs, providing guidance on platform usage, and optimizing tool and feature utilization. Fluency in Arabic is essential, along with a strong command of English.

Don’t worry, everything will be arranged for you

After booking your flight (for which you’ll be reimbursed), your colleagues will be ready to welcome you at the airport in Lisbon. They will drop you off at your new apartment. Besides helping you integrate into the city, they will assist you with settling in. This includes helping with administrative tasks like health insurance, taxes, and banking. Additionally, you can take a free Portuguese course. This way, you’ll soon find yourself speaking fluently beyond borders after this adventure.


Your life in Lisbon:

Lisbon is the city with the most sunny hours in whole Europe!

Living and working in Lisbon will be very adventurous! The charming, beautiful city combined with the loose and relaxed mentality of the Portugese people – you are going to love it! Lisbon is a very international city where people from all over the world have found their home. A lot of the inhabitants can speak English, but if you really want to integrate yourself, why don’t you start learning Portugese in a free course! This whole new experience will enrich your life in so many ways!

If you miss your family and friends at home – don’t worry. You will get one flight per year back home to see them! Luckily, the airport in Lisbon is very central so you can start your journey very easy!

Because Lisbon’s average temperature of 21 degrees ​you will spend a lot of warm and relaxed evenings at the different terraces and balconies or at the beach. There you can also try Kite-Surfing and participate in a course for free!

Probably you will recognize quickly that Portugal is a lot cheaper than other European countries. To prepare you for the prices there, we have listed a few average products/services that you might buy day by day.

Our favourite reasons to live in Lisbon

What do you get?

What is required?

Why our recruiters love this destination

Interview Process

  • Sign up

    Click the red application button to sign up and fill in the form. Don't forget to attach your CV.

  • Expect a call from us

    This will happen faster than you think, so keep an eye on your phone! We will then provide you with more information about the job, and of course, we want to get to know you better.

  • Collect and send data to the client

    After the phone interview, we will assess together with you whether you are a suitable candidate for the position. If so, we will send you an online test.

  • The client's recruiter will schedule a phone interview with you

    During this interview with a recruiter, your test results, motivation, and skills will be reviewed and discussed. Make sure you present yourself at your best and convey your motivation!

  • Final video interview

    During this interview, they will delve deeper into the role.

  • Receive the results of the interview and the test

    After all steps are completed, we will contact you to (fingers crossed!) deliver the good news that you have been accepted!

  • Pack your belongings and board the plane!

    Throw a farewell party, pack your bags, and board the plane to start your adventure.



The minimum period is 12 months.

No, you must have either a work permit for Portugal or an EU passport to be considered for the role. A manifestação de interesse is not sufficient.

A good command of English is necessary, as your interview with us, the company in Lisbon, and your training will be conducted in English.

No, that is not a problem! 

If you choose accommodation through your employer, then no. If you opt to find your own housing, then it is possible.

No, that is not possible.

The minimum requirement is a high school diploma.

There are two options. You can choose to find your own accommodation or arrange accommodation through your employer. In the latter option, deductions will be made from your salary.

This depends on the project you will be working on.

You are responsible for booking and covering the costs of your flight initially, but after completing 9 months with TP, you will be reimbursed for these expenses.

If you choose to use the free accommodation (including gas, water, electricity, and internet), you will earn €1083 gross per month. Since your accommodation and health insurance are taken care of, you can spend your money on fun things!

Prefer to find your own accommodation or already live in Portugal? Then you will receive a gross monthly salary of €1295.


Our recruiters are ready to guide you through this application process!

From the moment you apply until your new job begins, and even after that, we are here to support you throughout the entire process. With Working Adventures by your side, you’re not alone.

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