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Every day we receive lots of questions about Working Adventures, the application process, moving to a new destination and living and working in a new country. That is why we have prepared a frequently asked questions page with various categories. Click on the category you want to know more about. Can’t find the answer to your question in this list? Please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling +31 20 809 0020.

Working Adventures & the application process

Working Adventures is an international recruitment agency that was founded in Amsterdam in 2018. We help you find exciting jobs and companies find awesome team members (like you!). The Working Adventures team is spread across several countries and helps adventurous job seekers find their dream job abroad. With the experiences we have gained during our own adventures, we can advise you on topics such as building a career abroad and living and traveling abroad. From Ireland, France and Belgium to Bulgaria, Greece and Malta. And for tips for finding the nicest bars and discotheques in Europe, you can of course also contact us! 😉

Candidates can apply for vacancies for free and use our service and support throughout (and even after) the entire application process. The Working Adventures team is here for you to guide and help you during the application process, your move abroad and your first working days at your new employer abroad. From questions about the vacancy, the employer and the country concerned, to housing and questions about administration and your registration in your new country. You can always contact us for this and we will try to help you as best as possible. All for free!

Have you found your dream job on our vacancy page? Then apply by clicking on the red application button next to the vacancy, filling in the form and enclosing your CV. We will then contact you so that we can provide you with more information about the vacancy and get to know you better. After this telephone interview, we will determine together with you whether you are a suitable candidate for the vacancy. If so, we will forward your details to our customer abroad. Depending on the vacancy you have applied for, an interview with a company recruiter and/or an online test will be scheduled.

Finally, you will receive the results of the interview and/or the test and you can throw a farewell party, pack your things and get on the plane to start this unforgettable adventure!

We work together with some of the nicest international companies in Europe, located in the most beautiful locations. For example, would you like to work for one of the largest players in the technical industry located next to the beach in Portugal? Getting started with an interesting and fun project for big names such as TikTok, Google or Netflix? Or how about a career in the hotel and leisure industry in a beautiful Irish city? Do not hesitate and quickly apply for your dream job with one of our employers abroad.

We strive to work with companies that offer a pleasant working environment, good employment conditions and a great team atmosphere to our candidates!

We help our clients find talents who can speak specific languages. You therefore carry out your daily work in your native language. In addition, you usually end up in an international working environment where you speak English with your colleagues. In addition, it is also possible that you receive your introduction and training in English. It is therefore important that you can communicate in both English and your mother tongue.

Your new job abroad

After you have applied for your dream job on Working Adventures, one of our recruiters will contact you to get to know you better, discuss the vacancy and answer your questions. In this introductory meeting we will also tell you more about the employer you will be working for and the project you will be working on.

You have found your dream job on the Working Adventures website and you would like to know whether you can realize your ambitions for the future at this company abroad. Many vacancies offer various interesting career opportunities. We can discuss these opportunities with you during the introductory meeting. We always love to hear about your ambitions! 😃

During the first weeks you will get to know all your new colleagues, the company and the different systems you’ll need in your daily work. Normally, this training lasts between 1 and 4 weeks. Do you work from home? Then you complete this training online.

No, on our website you will find both vacancies for which no diploma or experience is required and vacancies for which you do need a certain level of education and experience. In short, there is a suitable position for everyone! So make sure you check our website regularly, because every day we post interesting and fun new vacancies! 🤩

Are you enjoying your new employer and have you fallen in love with the country and city you moved to? And is your employer happy with you? Then your contract can always be extended. You can then continue working on the same project, but it is also possible to start working on another interesting project with the same employer.

Travelling to your new destination

Many of our customers offer a relocation package. A relocation package is a service from the company that makes your move abroad as easy as possible. Sometimes the flight to your new destination is included, for example. Your new employer will then book airline tickets for you. Sometimes you also have to book your own airline tickets and the costs are then reimbursed by the company. Check the specific vacancy or speak to one of our team for more information.

Some of our employers also offer an airport pick-up service in their relocation package. You will then be picked up from the airport and taken to a hotel or your accommodation.

Travel insurance is primarily intended to cover the costs of a short stay abroad. Regular travel insurance will only be sufficient for your trip abroad and any trips you make during your stay in the country. There are several insurance companies that have insurance policies that are especially for expats. It is good to do some research into international health insurance and travel insurance. It is especially wise to take out international health insurance to cover the period from your move to your registration in your new country. Some employers do include health insurance for you so it’s a good idea to discuss this further with your recruiter.

Yes, it is important to have a starting capital. You will only be paid after your first month of work and it is useful to have enough money to pay the costs you incur abroad in the first month.

You have to take into account travel costs, the first rental costs, costs for public transport, furniture and food. It is also good to have some extra money on hand for fun outings and activities with your new colleagues/friends! 🥳

However, it depends on your new destination and possibly the relocation package how much starting capital you will need.

When you choose to look for your own accommodation, it is usually possible to bring your pets with you. Check in advance whether pets are allowed in your new accommodation and what the rules are for bringing pets into the relevant country. Are you staying in a temporary hotel first? In that case, pets can usually also be taken into account. However, it is not always possible to bring pets if you choose to stay in shared accommodation.

Also check well in advance whether the place where you will be living is animal-friendly. Also check for yourself whether you can combine taking care of a pet with your new job. After all, you want your pet to feel completely happy in the new country! 🐾

Living abroad

A number of our employers offer a (temporary) stay in accommodation in their relocation package. There are also employers who offer you a temporary stay in a hotel, so that you can quietly look for your own place. Sometimes you will also be assigned a relocation buddy who will help you find permanent accommodation.

Is the above not the case? Then you need to look for accommodation in advance. Do you need help? Please feel free to contact us for suggestions and tips. For example, we can recommend a number of nice and cozy neighborhoods in your new city.

If your employer does not offer you accommodation in the relocation package, it is important that you look for your own place. A good tip is to join local expat Facebook Groups. You can ask these expats in your new country for advice on where to start looking. And of course this is also a good way to make new (international) friends in your new city!

Moreover, you can always ask your employer and colleagues for tips on finding suitable accommodation. In addition, we can also provide you with information about finding accommodation abroad.

Just like at home, you will also have to deal with administrative matters abroad. Our employers will help you navigate the country’s bureaucracy. In addition, you can always ask your new (international) colleagues for help. They have already had to arrange this themselves and know exactly how everything works in the country. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We are also happy to help you with this.

The most important insurance is health insurance. Make sure you arrange this abroad as soon as possible. Check carefully which insurance suits you best. It is also possible that your new employer abroad takes care of your health insurance. Therefore, ask in advance what exactly your employer can arrange for you.

If you like, you can also take out other insurance policies such as travel insurance and telephone insurance.

Are you going to live and work abroad for a longer period of time? Then you must register with the municipality where you live and work. There are different rules for each nationality so check with your recruiter what the rules are for you.

However, you do not always have to deregister from your municipality before you leave. You can often also arrange this online from your new country.

We sometimes speak to candidates who are a bit afraid that they would feel lonely abroad. Especially, if you are going to start a work from home job, this can be a thought that runs through your mind. Good news, because we can reassure you with this one! It is often the case that you are added to the chat group and WhatsApp group of your new team. These groups are then used, for example, to make appointments after working hours for fun outings with your team. In addition, your employer also organizes fun events for the entire team. So don’t be afraid, enjoy all the nice and fun new people you meet during this unforgettable experience! 🎉😍

Your salary and employment contract abroad

If you are hired for your dream job abroad, you will receive an employment contract with your new employer abroad. Working Adventures puts you in touch with your employer and you are therefore employed by your employer abroad and not by Working Adventures.

Each job offers different contract lengths. Check the vacancy or contact your recruiter for more information.

All vacancies on the Working Adventures website offer a competitive or above salary for that destination. This means that your salary is in line with the wages in that country for equivalent positions. On the Working Adventures website you will find vacancies in Southern or Eastern Europe where the cost of living is lower here than in your home country. Your salary is therefore worth more in your new country, leaving you enough money for fun activities!💃

In the vacancies on the Working Adventures website you can see an indication of the gross monthly salary. Sometimes the net salary is also shown in brackets. However, the net salary varies per country and per employer, depending on things such as your personal situation and the tax rate in a country. Our recruiters can give you an estimate of your net salary.

When you start living abroad for the first time, it is nice to know in advance what kind of costs you can expect. In addition to paying rent (which is almost always cheaper abroad than in your home country), you also have to take into account costs for electricity, water, gas and internet. Then there are, for example, costs for public transport, clothing, a fitness subscription, your health insurance and fun activities such as eating out, going to the cinema and travelling.

Would you like to know exactly how much you spend on the above things abroad? Then take a look at Here you will find an overview of the cost of living in various countries and cities.