Work from home in breathtaking Greece as a Danish speaking Customer Support Specialist

Why stick to the usual when you could be answering calls against the backdrop of Greece's breathtaking scenery? Join our Danish Customer Support team, where you'll enjoy a fully remote work model along with perks such as a laptop, health insurance, an annual bonus, and a recognition program that celebrates your achievements. Apply now and turn every workday into a Greek adventure!

Work fully remote

In this position, you are able to completely work from home. How amazing is that!



A gross yearly salary ranging from €21,000 to €22,400, with the potential to earn an annual bonus of up to 5%.



IT equipment (including a laptop and wireless headset) + Private health and life insurance + 1 paid volunteer day per year + Recognition programme.

Refer a friend and earn €1,000! 🤑


About the role

A global presence and endless opportunities 

As a Customer Support Specialist based in Greece, you’ll be the friendly face behind the screen, assisting customers with their questions and technical hiccups from the comfort of your own home. 

You will work for a global leader in IT solutions for the commercial vehicle industry that assists businesses of all sizes in managing their operations efficiently. Picture countless companies with cars, trucks, or buses, all relying on them to track and manage their vehicles in real-time. From monitoring fuel consumption to tracking usage patterns, our client’s solutions empower businesses to optimise costs and shrink their carbon footprint.

Joining the team means you’ll be part of a company with a global presence and a thriving customer service department right here in Greece. And the best part? Working directly for our client opens doors to endless opportunities for growth and advancement within the company, starting with your role in customer service.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Be the go-to problem solver: Quickly tackle customer issues with dedication, striving to resolve each question.
  • Handle calls and emails: Field all incoming calls and emails from customers, whether they’re curious about features, facing issues with the mobile or web apps, managing their accounts, or just asking general questions.
  • Master products: Become a walking encyclopaedia on the products you offer, knowing them inside and out to provide top-notch assistance.
  • Be the face (or should we say ‘voice’) of the company: Represent our client with a smile, ensuring every interaction reflects positively on their brand.
  • Keep records updated: Maintain meticulous records of customer interactions, updating the internal database with all the necessary details.
  • Build customer relationships: Foster strong connections with customers to ensure they keep coming back, even turning a few into loyal fans along the way!


Information about Greece

The weather, the lovely climate, the people, the beaches, the mountains… What’s not to love? Greece attracts over 7 million visitors annually, and we understand why. Whether you’re a history buff or not, Greece is home to stunning monuments and UNESCO heritage sites! Take the time to visit the magnificent Acropolis in Athens and its museum; explore the archaeological site of Delphi or the open-air museum of Delos; admire the beautiful Byzantine monuments in Thessaloniki; visit the palace of Knossos; or wander through the breathtaking mediaeval city of Rhodes. You’ll never get bored in Greece!

Our favourite reasons to live in Greece

What do you get?

What is required?

What our recruiters think about working from home

Interview Process

  • Apply on our website

    Click on the red application button to register and fill in the form. Do not forget to enclose your CV.

  • Expect a call from us

    This is happening faster than you think, so keep an eye on your phone! We will then provide you with more information about the vacancy and of course we want to get to know you better.

  • Forwarding your CV and information to our client in Greece

    After the phone interview, we will discuss with you whether you are a suitable candidate for the position. If yes, we will forward your application to our client in Greece.

  • First video interview

    After we receive your application, our client will schedule the first video interview. During this interview, they will provide more details about the role and discuss your motivation for working abroad, as well as your daily tasks.

  • Second interview

    If all goes well, you will be invited to the final video interview with the manager.

  • Receive the interview result

    Once all steps are completed, we will contact you to give you (fingers crossed!) the good news that you have been hired!

  • Get your workspace ready

    Hooray, you're ready to start! Before your first day, you'll receive an explanation of what to expect, and all you need to do is wait for your equipment.



No, the contract runs for at least 3 months.

Yes, good knowledge of English is required as your interviews will be in English, both with us and with our client in Greece.

No, we are currently looking for candidates that can work 40 hours a week.

Yes, you need a European passport or a work permit in Greece to apply.

No problem. You will receive extensive training, and there are always colleagues/supervisors available to help if needed!

Monday to Sunday from 6 am to midnight on a rotating schedule – 5 days a week, 8-hour shifts. Don’t worry, they’ll give you the heads-up on your shifts ahead of time so you can plan your adventures through Greece.

Yes, you will work fully remote. 

While the company doesn’t assist with tax numbers and social security in Greece, they’re here to lend a hand with other essentials like health insurance and setting up a bank account.

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Our recruiters are ready to guide you through this application process!

From the moment you apply until your new job begins, and even after that, we are here to support you throughout the entire process. With Working Adventures by your side, you’re not alone.

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